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Cone Incense Making Machine

Cone Incense making Machine CIM-01

Strong Features
  • -Capacity: 2 cone / second
  • -Nice product
  • -Low Maintenance
  • - Raw materials from the hopper into the barrel, extrusion, injection mold molding, Mould with the same specification,high work efficiency, because the mold made by uniform
  • - Cone incense with same thickness, smooth surface, no powder, and didn't pick up the gap, and then by own transmission collection device collection, convenient, fast.
Price and Status
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Technical Infomations:

Size 140x70x150 cm
Size of pallet inside: 160x90x180 cm
Weight 250 kg
Motor Power 2.2kw+90W+15W
Size of incense diameter : 1cm -2.5 cm
height: 2.5 - 5 cm
Speed 2 - 4 cone /s
Power supply 380 V(3 phase)
Maximum powder in the box 2kg







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