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Pulverizer Machine - PM18

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  • Allows for easy maintenance
  • Maintains fineness and capacity throughout the wear life
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The pulverizer machine - PM18  mill was designed and manufactured by Hai Lan company.

The use of this pulverizer machine - PM18 mill  is grinding all materials into fine powder. It is widely used in incense, pharmaceutical, food industry. With this machine, customers can do the following tasks: crushing the bark of pigeons, crushing cinnamon bark, grinding agarwood, grinding post roots, grinding wormwood, crushing moringa leaves, crushing sawdust.  In addition, this machine can also grind grains: corn, paddy, sliced noodles, green beans ..


The crusher operates based on the principle of centrifugal motion of the system of 18 hammers mounted freely on the cranes, these 18 blades move freely at high speed 2800v / p, continuously hitting the material, causing the material to be pulverized. Underneath the grinding chamber is a longitudinal mesh inside, on this mesh there are many small holes, fine powder will be sucked through these holes into the chamber of the wind blower, then blown into tanks or cloth bags. The non-smooth materials will be beaten continuously until it is smaller than this mesh hole, the blower will suck them out.


     - EXTERNAL STRUCTURE: - Structure of the pulverizer machine - PM18 consists of 7 parts:

     -   Product nozzle, the wind bag blows the material, material inlet,  grinding chamber, Motor, belt pulley system (Belt conveyor), base frame.

     - INSIDE STRUCTURE: INCLUDING 5 PARTS: 18 hammer blades, 6 circular plates, 6 round shaft, 1 crushing mesh shackles.



Technial Informations:

   Model     PM18
   Motor Power     11Kw
   Power Supply     380V
   Weight     380Kgs
   Dimension     110 x 70 x 70Cm
   Proccessor Speed 

    800Kgs/8h: Cinnamon

   400Kgs/8h: Sawdust



- Depending on the purpose and fineness of the product, the customer chooses the appropriate mesh. The grinding floor is sized from:
              - 0.1m to 0.5 for fine grinding needs.
              -  From 0.6 to 1mm for the needs of grinding raw powders.
              - From 2mm to 12mm for the need to break rough into sawdust.

- Steps to change the crushing mesh:

               -  Remove shackles
               -  Take the mesh out.
               -   Add a new crushing mesh.
               -  Put shackles on.
               -  Close the crushing chamber and tighten the two screws first and back again tightly.

Note: - When removing the crushing mesh to outside, pay attention to the top of mesh to reassemble properly. Do not turn the mesh which will affect the smooth quality of the dough
- We should replace the sieve when the powder quality is not satisfactory.
- The time to change the net after crushing about 3 tons of materials, the hole will be larger and need replacing.


The correct order of gear placement: 1-3-5-7-9 and 2-4-6-8-10
(The number of gear more or less depending on the machine big or small but still arranged alternately (even, odd rows)
1.  When installing a new gear, we use the handle of the gear to compare with the head to see if there is a scratch (rub) on each other. The distance between the gear tip and the head or under the sieve face of the crushing mesh is about 1-2 mm. If the impact is severe, we use a grinder, grinding down the gear so that the sieve cannot be touched.
2.  Do not let the gears wear out too much, which will affect the yield and fineness of the dough.
3.  After we have used all 4 corners of the gear, cut out 2 worn heads, about 1 inch on each end and line the 2nd hole of the plate to create a new gear set with 4 new angles.



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