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Mixer Incense Powder.


Strong Features
  • Durable
  • Mix the dough evenly
  • Easy to use
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Introducing 5kg incense powder mixer:

The 5kg flour mixer belongs to the line of powder mixer made by HAI LAN company.
Powder mixer has the following features:

  • mix flour to make incense powder such as bagasse, colloidal powder.
  • Husk, rice husk, mix feed for cattle
  • Mix ingredients for growing mushrooms, or mix foods in the baking industry.
  • In general, dough mixers can use a lot in our lives.

Advantages of 5kg flour mixing machine:

  • Unique, strong, strong wing design helps materials to be blended continuously, achieving the most uniform and quality product.
  • The structure is quite simple, easy to operate and use.
  • Quick mixing time, each batch of 5-10 minutes

The difference between mixing powder by hand and machine:

  Manually mix

  Mix by machine

  It takes time, when mixing for a long time, it is quite tired. Mixing is quite time consuming.

  Productivity is 3 times more than manual mixing, each batch takes only 5-10 minutes

  Long mixing due to tired hands should be uneven quality

  The batches mix well as one

  It is easy to encounter lumps

  Help beat the dough evenly

  Costs to hire staff

   Invest once for a long-term use


Technical infomations:


  MP - 05

  Motor Power 


  Power supply 

  AC 220V




  90 x 40 x 70 cm


  50 - 60Hz



Instructions for operating 5kg flour mixer:

  • Turn on the machine without load
  • Put the ingredients to be mixed into the machine and cover the lid
  • After about 10 minutes, remove the cap and remove the dough 

Instructions for machine maintenance and how to clean 5 kg powder mixer:

  • Run a test time and pump grease into 2 bearings
  • When you don't do it anymore, clean it in the bin and turn it over

In addition to 5kg flour mixer, we also offer 8kg mixer, 12kg mixer, 20kg mixer, 100kg mixer, 200kg mixer.

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