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Distributor of incense machines Hai Lan in indonesia

- Recently in April 2019, the leadership of C.Ty HAI LAN had a visit to CV JALU TEKNIK Company. Agents distribute incense making machines in INDONESIA, return visit after 7 years of building and developing INDONESIA market together, visit and work lasting 4 days.

Content exchanged between two representatives of HAI LAN Company and CV JALU TEKNIK Company:

  • Around this trip, the representative of Hai Lan company went to each production facility in Malang – Indonesia, Malang province is one of the provinces that use Hai Lan incense making machine for the most and long time. Through surveying each incense base, There are incense makers made in 2012, 2013 and 2014 that still work very well today. Besides, there are also facilities to use new production jars of 2018, 2019 with superior features faster, smoother, less stuck, more standard hook, less wear and tear. 


  • After a tour of each incense production facility in Malang Province. Then the representative of Hai Lan company with CV JALU TEKNIK INDONESIA company sat and worked and discussed the problem: technology for operating and repairing machines in Indonesia, as well as service, after sales and how to expand and develop. At the same time, representative of CV JALU TEKNIK INDONESIA will give feedback of people to operate the machine for many years, in order to improve machines so that the product lines after birth will be even better.

Potential for developing Hai Lan incense burner machine in Indonesia market:


  • INDONESIA is one of the countries known as "the land of islands”, The territory consists of 13,478 islands, a population of 255 million, ranking fourth in the world in population. INDONESIA is the world's most populous "ISLAM" population. so the incense industry in Indonesia is relatively potential and developed. The product of incense making machine of Hai Lan company has been present in almost provinces and cities of INDONESIA such as: Malang, Medan, Bali, subaraya and even Yakarta capital,….
  • Units and companies using Hai Lan incense making machine have also created the brand NHANG inland "MADE IN INDONESIA" distributed to the provinces, which is the pride not only INDONESIA people but also the self proud of Hai Lan company manufacturer.


 After finishing the working days and discussing the strategy of developing Hai Lan incense making machine in Indonesia market. Two representatives of Hai Lan together with representatives of C.TY CV JALU TEKNIK visited Muslim temples of INDONESIA, combined with sightseeing tours to understand INDONESIA's customs, spirituality, and incense-burning habits. From there, learn more about the spiritual culture of INDONESIA people.

Finally thank the company team CV JALU TEKNIK INDONESIA for accompanying HAI LAN Company for 7 years of building and developing the incense making machine market in INDONESIA. Thank you INDONESIA people for trusting and using Hai Lan products for 7 consecutive years. In the coming years, HAI Lan Company will try to improve product quality, create more new products to meet customer needs in INDONESIA.


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